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The Power of Words

Every word of God proves true; he is a shield to those who take refuge in him. -Proverbs 30:5 ESV

Many of us grew up hearing or saying, “Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me.” I recall using this phrase when someone did hurt me with words and in my experience, I used this phrase to let them think they did no harm to me, but in reality, I was hurt. Not only was I hurt but the words they said carried over at times into how I felt about things, whether it was about myself, others, or a situation.

The way I processed the hurt wasn’t producing God’s peace so instead of using the said catch phrase I began repeating the truth of God’s words to myself, after all, He created everything with His word. Think of the power that comes from our mouth if we use the word of God as our shield and refuge. This action is true whether we are praying for others, or shielding ourself like Jesus while conversing with Satan in the desert, as we read in Matthew 4. Using God’s word will help us see ourselves, others and situations through God’s view.

Heavenly Father, You say the words that go forth from Your mouth will not return to You without accomplishing and succeeding in the matter which You sent it as You show us in Isaiah 55. May we learn to use Your words in our daily life as we endure hardships or when we are praising You. For Your words are true, You are our shield and refuge.

This devotion by author, Terrie Miles, is exclusively and solely shared with permission to New Beginnings Church.

Any unauthorized printed reproduction, sharing or use of this material is prohibited.

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