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We have options for ages infant - 5th grade at our 10:30am service.  Children are welcome to attend the service with their parents, or they are welcome to attend a class geared toward their age group.


We love kids, and want them and you to feel welcome! Safety is a top priority for us, so we have a check-in station located in front of the classrooms that we use for nursery and children's ministry. We also background check each of our volunteers.

What is your age/classroom breakdown? We currently have a rocking room (a room available for parents to use with their infants if they need it), preschool class which is for ages 2-4/5, and an elementary class which is for grades K-5. We have teachers in each room to help teach the lesson in an age-appropriate manner.

Where do I take my kids? You can check them in by the classrooms in the lobby. You can't miss them- just walk in our front door and you'll see our check-in off to the left. Our check-in system helps keep your kids safe- we get all important information from you like allergies or sensitivities.  Want to per-register your child into our check in system? Contact us and we will help you through the process.

What do my kids learn? We use Grow Curriculum, where we cover every major Bible story over a three year period, then we start over. We spend time both in the Old Testament and the New Testament. In this curriculum, we teach the Old Testament chronologically over that three year time period and the New Testament chronologically each year (covering different pieces of the New Testament each year). Long story short- we are very intentional about teaching your kid the Bible and we make sue that we cover it all. Be sure to get on our parent email list (contact Pastor Jake to get on this list), as we send out each month's topic and provide resources for you to continue conversations at home.

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Current Series

In October we will be in a new series called BIG and small.



Do you ever stop and think about how big God must be? God created this whole world, all of the planets, and stars in the sky . . . God is really big! Knowing God is big can make us feel small and inconsequential. But the truth is, even the small things are a big deal to God. The story of Job will help everyone realize that even though we are small, God listens to our big feelings, God sees the big picture, God cares about every small problem, and we can also be a big help in small ways.