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Why Summer is a Great Time to Spread Faith

American Christians are less likely to share their faith with others than they were 25 years ago according to a recent study. As frequent churchgoers, you may not believe this statistic. But today, only ⅔ of american christians agree that Christians have a responsibility to share their faith. Some even believe it is the duty of the church to spread faith and evangelize. A few weeks ago, we talked about how it has become harder to spread the Word of God in today’s society because of the increase in technology. Well there are other ways. With the first official day of Summer last week, check out these ways to share your faith in the warm, bright days ahead.

Invite Spiritual Conversation-- Sometimes you may find that the most unlikely people spark the best conversations. “As you navigate conversations with neighbors and new friends this summer, ask thoughtful, spiritually-minded questions. Listen attentively. And as you talk, pray for them, too, that God would reveal himself in time, and that they would begin to see traces of his goodness and presence in their lives.”

Extend Hospitality -- Jesus was a man who opened his home to others. We see him inviting people to stay with him or inviting them in for dinner. When we eat together, we talk together. Hospitality is responding to the warm welcome God has given us and replicating it for others. Invite someone in for a meal next time you see them. Or even a batch of cookies or lemonade. But remember, our neighbors do not want to feel like projects. Hospitality is just as much giving as it is receiving.

Extend Invitations to Church Events -- This one, clear as day, represents what we believe at New Beginnings United Methodist. Summer is a great time for events as you can probably see that many churches hold a wide array of summer activities! Inviting someone to a church event can give them a real sense of community. New Beginnings even has a date in July and August where we encourage our congregation to invite others to this specific service. Check out our Facebook page or website for upcoming events and think about inviting a neighbor to it!

Be present-- Often times, people underestimate the power of just being present with someone. When we show up for people when they are in need, they will appreciate it. It becomes a sense of friendship which is a true representation of the spirit of God. We communicate how much we love them but also how much we know God loves them.

Next time you see a frequent face, take a chance and express your faith in one of these ways. It doesn’t have to be aggressive evangelism but just showing someone that you are there for them in the same way God is there for them. Summer is a great time to open your heart and the heart of others! For more on this concept, check out

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