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Delaware Farm Mudder is paused for 2021...

We are retooling our farm for new things in 2022! check back to see the updates throughout the year!!!

The Farm Mudder, is a trail run (for 2020) at Harvest Hills Farm.

All proceeds of this run will benefit Harvest Hills Ministry. Specifically the proceeds will be used as scholarships for the events/camps that Harvest Hills puts on. These include TimberNook camps, held at Harvest Hills Farm, and designed to give a sensory experience to children of all abilities come and challenge their social, emotional, sensory, and cognitive skills. Learn more at

Scholarships will also be provided for Harvest Hill’s teen retreats (Greater Than- Guys retreat, I AM- Girls retreat), where teens 6-12 grade are taught about team work, leadership, friendship, and are provided opportunities to deepen their relationship with God. Learn more at

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