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God's Helping Hand is an outreach ministry of New Beginnings. It is primarily supported with revenue from "RAISE RIGHT" sales (learn more about RAISE RIGHT below). The funds are used to assist persons with unexpected or emergency situations, i.e. car repair, rent, medical, bills, groceries, etc. God's Helping Hand is adminstered by Pastor Carter, and the Ministry Team of the Church. Need assistance yourself? Contact the church office at

God's Helping Hand


RAISE RIGHT is fundraising while you shop. You can help those in need by buying what you already buy. You buy retail gift cards through our Church's "RAISE RIGHT" program at face value, and our Church buys the gift cards at 1-13% less than face value (varies by retailer). The difference between face value and what the Church pays = earnings for the Church. For example if you bought a $100 Cabela's gift card, you would buy it for $100 from the Church, and the church would buy it for $89 from the RAISE RIGHT program, and the $11 saved would go into God's Helping Hand fund to help those in need. If you need help signing up, contact the church office and let us know.

How to use RAISE RIGHT

1. You can order through our "RAISE RIGHT" coordinator (Cynthia Eakins), who is available via email: Our RAISE RIGHT coordinator can assist you with placing an order, or obtaining gift cards from the inventory on hand. You can also request order forms for RAISE RIGHT gift cards.


2. You can download the RaiseRight app and do everything from there.

  • Check out the video instructions below, which will walk you through how to download the app and how to join our program.

  • Once you download the app there will be an option to either "sign in" or "join a program." Click "join a program" and then you will be prompted to enter our enrollment code. EMAIL us  at to get our code (we need to keep it secure so cannot post it publicly).

  • When you enter the enrollment code, you should see on your home page that you are raising for "New Beginnings United Methodist Church/OH." If you do not, double check your spelling (case sensitive) of our code.

  • The video shows how to set up an account, which enables you to order straight from the app.

  • You can use the app to have the cards digitally on your phone, or you can choose to ship the cards to your home.

Tutorial video

Tutorial video

Play Video

Other ways to support God's Helping Hand

1.  Kroger Community Rewards –

Shoppers earn donations to New Beginnings U. M. using their Kroger Plus Shopping Card when making purchases.  If your card is not registered with Kroger Community Rewards, you can do so by going to

The church account number is available by contacting the church office at 740-363-2092


2. Donate Directly

You can mark on your giving envelope "God's Helping Hand" and we will deposit that to our helping hand fund.

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