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Expressing the Word of God

One of the greatest parts of our spiritual walk is being able to express our thoughts and feelings in different ways. Some people feel moved through the power of song. Others truly feel connected to God through prayer and alone time. Using our passions and our hearts in any way we feel is right is one of the best parts of practicing our faith.

A new form of expression of faith is called Bible Journaling. For those who do not know, bible journaling is a new, creative way to engage with the Word of God. It can transform the way you spend time in the Word and it all begins within the margins of the Bible. People will pick up a pen and use the words of the Bible to move them to how they are feeling. People use a favorite verse or line from scripture and transform it into a work of art to help them connect with the words. Some see this art as a form of worship while others use it as a creative outlet that can be shared.

The important part of Bible Journaling is you do not need to be a skilled artist. All that matters is you are willing to experience your faith in a creative way!

Some may ask, “Why should I do this?” or “Why would I scribble in my bible?” God reveals Himself in Scripture, and when we take the time to truly explore it, we discover more of Him. The story of his love, sacrifice and salvation. Many people may be in a spiritual rut. They feel obligated to read the bible but they are not really understanding the power of the words. Others want to know scripture better and be able to memorize and record certain passages or verses. By drawing, coloring or writing the words of God, we have a new and fresh perspective that can kickstart us on a new path.

For those who want to start bible journaling but do not know where to start, check out these steps from Laurel Keller, an avid bible journaler and artist from Lifeway.

1. Pray over the Word before you begin.

Ask God to reveal more of Himself as you open His Word and dive into a passage.

2. Read and study the Scripture.

Carefully pour over each word, and ask yourself what the Scripture is saying about God, what it says about you, and how you can apply it to daily life.

3. Put pen to paper.

You can begin by simply writing out a verse in the journaling space or you can highlight and circle words that are meaningful to you. You might even let your creative juices take over, and begin drawing and lettering the inspiring phrases.

4. Reflect and memorize.

Once you are finished, spend time reviewing your own art, and commit to memorize the Scripture that you have been studying.

Nowadays, there are specific bibles with bigger margins to allow people to express themselves through notes or art. You can find these bibles anywhere and they are a great start to Bible Journaling. There are also countless outlines, ideas and designs online that can help get you started.

It is important to understand that this is not to be disrespectful to your Bible. God wants us to use our talents and passions in anyway we can. Let yourself make your Bible into something that helps you understand Him more.

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