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Is Anyone Out There?

“I permitted Myself to be sought by those who did not ask for Me; I permitted Myself to be found by those who did not seek Me. I said, ‘Here am I, here am I,’ to a nation which did not call on My name. – Isaiah 65:1 (NASB)

A thought from a life experience crossed my mind as I was trying to relate to how God must have felt when He continues speaking in verse 2 “I have spread out My hands to a rebellious people, who walk in a way which is not good. Following their own thoughts…” He goes on further with more examples in the remaining chapter.

I thought of how I have been on that side where I was eager to love and offer forgiveness and a listening ear to a person who refused to accept my offer. It broke my heart to watch this person continue along in a way which was not good. To me, it would have been so simple to just confess what they did and allow God’s healing, comfort and grace, but instead, they followed their own thoughts.

How many times have I allowed my will to get in the way of something that can be so simple? I complicate things because of whatever I think is best or right at the time. When all I need to do is listen and trust that God is offering Himself and His blessings. How can I resist that kind of love?

Are you out there? Do you hear Him saying “Here am I, here am I?”

Heavenly Father, thank you that You seek us (Luke 19:10) and love us (John 3:16). May we acknowledge You and accept Your spread-out hands and rest in Your loving arms.

This devotion by author, Terrie Miles, is exclusively and solely shared with permission to New Beginnings Church. Any unauthorized printed reproduction, sharing or use of this material is prohibited.

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