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Our Hope

For the scripture says, “WHOEVER BELIEVES IN HIM WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED.” - Romans 10:11 (NASB)

Have you ever met a person and they seem to have a glow about them? There is a twinkle in their eyes and a joy that draws you to be in their company. I have, and even in their tears there is a love and a steadfast relationship with the One with whom they pray. When I ask them how they stay so steady and strong they point to the heavens and say, “Jesus.”

I have to agree with them because I am a witness to the power of the Lord who can make an impossible situation possible. Just when I didn’t think I could function with one more disappointment, God reminds me that, “The Spirit Himself intercedes for us with groanings too deep for words…” (Romans 8:26). He even knows the deepest parts of my heart and speaks on my behalf.

You and I have a God who cares so much for us that He says, “WHOEVER WILL CALL ON THE NAME OF THE LORD WILL BE SAVED.” (vs 13). The name of the Lord is Jesus (vs 9).

“Whoever” means anyone. Whoever you are, you are not alone, there is hope, His name is Jesus, just call upon His name and ask Him to show you who He is and how much He loves you and you will not be disappointed.

Heavenly Father, thank you for Your love and for giving us hope for another minute, another hour, another day, and for eternity, because of Jesus. May those who feel at a loss for words call upon You Jesus, so that Hope will rise within them as You answer their call.

This devotion by author, Terrie Miles, is exclusively and solely shared with permission to New Beginnings Church. Any unauthorized printed reproduction, sharing or use of this material is prohibited.

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