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Welcome to New Beginnings

You know the pavilion on State Route 36/37? The one everyone passes by and has slowly watched it evolve from a pile of a dirt to what it is now? Are you new to town and looking for a church you can connect with? Are you looking for something new and exciting happening in the community of Delaware? You have come to the right place.

We want to welcome you to a new church. A new location. A new beginning.

At New Beginnings United Methodist Church, things are a little different, in the best way possible. Over the past months, we have been working hard developing our new site. This site is 19 acres of land we have taken and developed in our own way. We didn’t want to just add a new church building right away, we wanted more. Currently, we have a brand new outdoor pavilion. This is where we will be having services this summer! Yes. It will be outdoors! There is a brand new, tiled, patio with a bonfire pit. We added enclosures to block the not-so-surprising rain we will get this summer. We have a garage and tent to be used for nursery and children's ministry! A lot is happening at 2163 State Route 37 E.

But the reason for this new location is to embrace the beauty of the outdoors. We want people to feel connected. And to really see this beautiful earth given to us by God.

Some people may not understand just what we are doing out there. This new site is for more than just our church. New Beginnings wants to connect with the Delaware community. We want to make Delaware a better place in anyway we can. Our overall goal is for those 19 acres of land to be something of the community. A place well-known to Delaware and home of different types of people and maybe companies. The possibilities are endless and we have so much we want to do on this new location. Ultimately, we want to get people to our new site as often as we can.

All summer, we will be holding different events and community outreaches at this location. The new property can be used for a variety of events and services. Just last year we held a wedding and this year we will hold a graduation party. Be on the lookout for any events we are doing so you can get involved and help the community see what New Beginnings is all about.

This platform will be used to communicate different things to the congregation and hopefully the community of Delaware. You can expect recaps of Sunday messages, testimonials, site updates, controversial topics, community engagement and more. We are excited to reach our people in a new and exciting way! We hope to see you out on our new site this summer. Come and see for yourself what “that old dirt pile” is now.

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